Shannonside Winter Music festival club

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Venue List: Blue: Village of Sixmilebridge Orange: Village of Bunratty Green: Bunratty Folk Park Adm.
Thursday 18th January
8:30pm Opening Concert  O'Gliasáin's Venue Brendan T.Walsh‚ Grainne Hunt & Denis McAuliffe €15.00
10:30pm Trad Session  O'Gliasáin's Bar Sixmilebridge Folk Club Free
Friday 19th January
2:00pm  Meet & Greet Session  McGregor's Sixmilebridge Folk Club - Visitors Welcome Free
5:30pm  Brendan's Pickers Session   Bunratty Castle Hotel  Brendan T. Walsh Free
7:30pm  Honky Tonk Country Gig  McGregor's Jimmy Bozeman & The Lazy Pigs (CZ) Free
8:00pm  Cajun - Bluegrass  The Old House Two Time Polka Free
8:00pm  Musical Dining to 10 p.m.  JP Clarke's Duos & Trios
8:30pm  Trad/Folk Session  Ó Gliasáin's Bar Members of Coda Free
10:00pm  Trad Session   Bunratty Castle Hotel Tim O'Shea Free
10:00pm  Trad Session   Casey's  Billow Wood (formerly 'Flat Out') Free
10:00pm  Folk/Bluegrass Session  Gilly's Leo Hayes & Bill Forster Free
10:00pm  Swiss Folk & Country Gig  McGregor's Maple Tree Circus (CH) Free
10:30pm  Blues Gig  O'Gliasáin's Venue DD & The Delta Blues Band Free
10:30pm  Honky Tonk Country Gig  The Old House Jimmy Bozeman & The Lazy Pigs (CZ) Free
10:30pm  Ragtime Country Blues Gig  Ó Gliasáin's Bar The Fake McCoys Free
11:00pm  Folk/Bluegrass Gig  Bunratty Manor Hotel John Nyhan & Friends Free
Saturday 20th January
Folk Park Music Day - Tickets Adult: €15, Family: €35. Folk Park Venue (FPV)
11:00am  Pickers Session  Bunratty Castle Hotel Brendan T. Walsh Free
Noon  Preab Suas Gaeltacht  Ó Gliasáin's Bar Tim O'Shea agus a chairde Free
Noon  Classical Fusion  The Corn Barn Athenry Youth Orchestra and Athenry Camerata with ReGroovanation (FPV)
Noon  Trad  Tea Room Billow Wood (formerly 'Flat Out') (FPV)
Noon  Bluegrass  Castle Main Guard Greg Blake Bluegrass Band (US) (FPV)
1:00pm  Folk Session   McGregor's Loughy & Friends Free
1:00pm  Trad Vocal  The Corn Barn Coda (FPV)
1:00pm  Swiss Folk & Country  Tea Room Maple Tree Circus (CH) (FPV)
1:00pm  Blues Session  Castle Main Guard DD & The Delta Blues Band (FPV)
2:00pm  Cajun  The Corn Barn Sarah Savoy (FR) (FPV)
2:00pm  Trad Irish  Tea Room Billow Wood (Formerly 'Flat Out') (FPV)
2:00pm  Honky Tonk Country  Castle Main Guard  Jimmy Bozeman & The Lazy Pigs (CZ) (FPV)
2:30pm  Singers' Session  Ó Gliasáin's Venue Luka Bloom & Grainne Hunt €5
3:00pm Blues Session  The Corn Barn   DD & The Delta Blues Band (FPV)
3:00pm  Swiss Folk & Country  Tea Room Maple Tree Circus (CH) (FPV)
3:00pm  Trad Vocal  Castle Main Guard Coda (FPV)
3:00pm  Barbershop  Castle Great Hall Polyphonics (FPV)
3:30pm  Trad Session  Ó Gliasáin's Bar Brendan Bugler & Friends Free
4:00pm  Blues Session  McGregor's DD & The Delta Blues Band Free
4:00pm  Choral voices  Castle Great Hall Sandymount Gospel Choir (FPV)
4:00pm  Bluegrass  The Corn Barn Greg Blake Bluegrass Band (US) (FPV)
4:00pm  Honky Tonk Country  Tea Room Jimmy Bozeman & The Lazy Pigs (CZ) (FPV)
4:00pm  Cajun  Castle Main Guard Sarah Savoy (FR) (FPV)
5:00pm  Trad Session  The Old House Billow Wood (formerly 'Flat Out') Free
5:00pm  CD Launch Irish Trad  Durty Nelly's (Upstairs) Tim O'Shea & Friends Free
5:00pm  Musical Dining to 10.00pm  JP Clarkes Duos & Trios
5:00pm  Poets' Corner  Creamery (Upstairs) Ó Bhéal with Guests Free
5:30pm  Trad Session  Ó Gliasáin's Bar Aisling Lyons & Friends Free
5:30pm  Acoustic Roots Session  Bunratty Castle Hotel Sean Malone & Friends Free
7:00pm  Bluegrass Session  McGregor's Leo Hayes & Bill Forster Free
7:30pm  Honky Tonk Country  Ó Gliasáin's Bar Jimmy Bozeman & The Lazy Pigs (CZ) Free
8:00pm  Blues/Jazz Gig  The Old House ReGroovanation Free
8:00pm  The Metis Ireland Festival Concert  Bunratty Castle Hotel

Featuring Frankie Gavin, Noel Hill, Brian McGrath & Luka Bloom

8:30pm  Trad Session  Durty Nelly's  Tim O'Shea & Friends Free
9:30pm  Swiss Folk & Country  Creamery Bar Maple Tree Circus (CH) Free
9:30pm  Trad Session  Gilly's Loughy & Friends Free
9:30pm  Singers' Session  Durty Nelly's (Upstairs) Members of Coda Free
9:30pm  Festival Concert  O'Gliasáin's Venue Sarah Savoy & Billow Wood €15
10:00pm  Sing-a-long   Bunratty Castle Hotel Lobby Members of Polyphonic & Guests Free
10:00pm  Trad. Session  Casey's Gael Force 3 Free
10:30pm   Ragtime Country Blues Gig  The Old House Fake McCoys Free
10:30pm  Cajun - Bluegrass  McGregor's Two Time Polka Free
10:30pm  Blues Gig  O'Gliasáin's Bar DD & The Delta Blues Band Free
11:00pm  Honky Tonk Country Gig   Bunratty Manor Hotel Jimmy Bozeman & The Lazy Pigs (CZ) Free
Sunday 21st January
11:00am  Festival Mass   St Finnachta's Church  Sandymount Gospel Choir Free
Noon  Improvers Trad Session  Bridge Active Sixmilebridge Folk Club Free
1:00pm  Trad Session  The Old House Brendan Bugler & Friends Free
1:00pm  Guest Mic Hour  Bunratty Castle Hotel  Visiting musicians & singers Free
1:30pm  Singers' Session  Ó Gliasáin's Bar Brian O'Rourke & Aidan Agnew Free
2:00pm  Classical Fusion Recital   St Finnachta's Church  Athenry Youth Orchestra with ReGroovanation Free
2:30pm  Bluegrass Gig  McGregor's Woodbine Free
3:00pm  The Shannon Springs Hotel Bluegrass Concert  Ó Gliasáin's Venue

Greg Blake Band (US)

3:00pm  Swiss Folk & Country  The Old House Maple Tree Circus (CH) Free
3:00pm  Set Dancing   Bunratty Castle Hotel  Johnny Reidy Ceili Band €10
4:00pm  Musical Dining to 7pm  JP Clarkes Duos & Trios
4.00pm  Trad Session  Gilly's Gael Force 3 Free
4:30pm  Cajun - Bluegrass  Ó Gliasáin's Bar Two Time Polka Free
4:30pm  Blues Gig  McGregor's DD & The Delta Blues Band Free
5:00pm  Folk/Country Session  Casey's Pat Kelleher Free
5:30pm  Funky Folk Rock  The Old House Resident Band Free
6:00pm  Closing Concert  Ó Gliasáin's Venue Ruaile Buaile & ReGroovanation €15
7:00pm  Bluegrass Gig  Ó Gliasáin's Bar Woodbine Free
7:00pm  Cajun Gig  McGregor's Sarah Savoy Free
10:00pm  Bluegrass Jam  Bunratty Castle Hotel  John Nyhan & Friends Free
Monday 22nd January
On Monday the festival mood continues with many impromptu sessions around the "Bridge" Free
8:00pm  Wind-down Session  Ó Gliasáin's Bar Sixmilebridge Folk Club Free
Information correct as of 4th December 2017 please check back for updates or check out our facebook page.

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